Meet Billy. Tanker driver and dolphin watcher.

Billy is responsible for picking up the milk from all the local farmers and delivering it to the Cambeltown Creamery.  He's been with us for over 17 years now and although it comes second nature to him, he has seen a lot of change in the collecting process.  Long gone are the days of just turning a valve, Billy now uses satellite technology to inform him which farms are ready for collection, and computers within his tanker test the milk to ensure it's at the right temperature before he's  allowed to move it.

A resident of Kintyre his whole life, Billy enjoys getting out and about and meeting up with the famers and the locals on his travels. He often leaves the main island and goes on the ferry run to the Isle of Gigha, where he often spots dolphins swimming alongside the ferry.   Through his regular visits he has become popular amongst the islanders and has got to know just about everyone.

A man who doesn't like to spend his time indoors, Billy enjoys long walks with his dog on the hill tracks behind Ben Gullion.  He admits he often takes his surroundings for granted, but sometimes he is caught out wishing he had a camera. Especially when there are dolphins around.