Meet Thomas. Farmer and marathon runner.

Thomas works alongside his Father and Mother on the family farm. His day starts off at quarter to six when he gets up to do the morning milking and finish up the dairy round. He then grabs a quick breakfast before feeding the cattle, after which the day can vary depending on the weather and what's required on the farm.  Either way he'll be kept busy for at least 12 hours a day, or even longer in the summer.

The days may stretch, but Thomas is adamant there's no better job. After fours year at university and a year spent travelling in Australia, Thomas couldn't see a more appealing job. In fact Thomas is sure it is the Ayrshire cows that bring that distinct taste to the Mull of Kintyre Cheddar. The Ayrshire breed is known for producing milk with a higher protein and butterfat, which is known to be better for making cheese.

The farming life also keeps Thomas fit for his local football team, which he plays for during the summer, and every year Thomas takes part in the local half Marathon. When Thomas isn't running around you'll catch him in his favourite local, the Burnside, enjoying a well-deserved pint.